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The Pro’s and Con’s of Knowing the Future

Knowing that KitaroDB was nearing launch, and also knowing that we’d be releasing a server-side product shortly thereafter, I not long ago revisited the Win32 version of the product. Does it have everything we need to make server-side processing work according to plan? “Pretty much,” I said to myself, “…pretty much.”

Unfortunately, “pretty much” isn’t “yes,” so I made a few tweaks and changes to the Win32 version. Yes, they were necessary — but only because I already knew where we were going. I’m happy with the modifications, but knowing the future has caused a few ripples in the whole space-time continuum. I’ve taken a tested solution and ever-so-subtly modified it, and now I’ve got rabid testers banging at my door.

Back to work. There are test suites to be re-worked, documentation to be written and modified, and 24 hours to do it.

If given the chance, I think I’d go back and smash the crystal ball. wink