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Shhhh…Don’t Tell Our Boss, But…

Well, we’re just around the corner from the release of KitaroDB 2.0, which includes some pretty cool enhancements that we’ve been working on for a while now. I’m not supposed to steal any thunder from the planned “official” announcements, however, so disclosure of the new features will have to wait a few more days.

Unfortunately, I simply can’t talk about KitaroDB 2.0 just yet.

And so, on a completely unrelated note, I’ve just received word that our pet project, Baconography, has received approval on the Windows Phone Store. 😉

Baconography is a free reddit app that makes extensive use of KitaroDB. It’s been available on WinRT for a while now, and has seen its share of updates, tweaks, and performance enhancements. But having it on Windows Phone? Well, that’s something special, and frankly I just can’t wait for [an unnamed product] to ship before I let everyone have a crack at it. I mean, all of this work has gone into a reddit app for the Windows phone, and it looks so good, and it responds so well, and it’s so fun to use…but no one gets to play with it yet? How fair is that?

So a couple of us decided to go ahead and publish it anyways.

If you want to try it out, head on over to the Windows Phone Store and search for Baconography. And be sure to let us know what you think! We’re pretty proud of our baby, but parents tend to be a little less critical than perhaps they should be, and getting feedback (both good and bad) tells us what we should look at next.

Happy weekend!