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Handling errors

Handling errors

In Windows Store and Windows Phone applications, every error is returned as a COMException. You can use DBError methods to get the error code and text from the HResult.

For C++ development, all errors are derived from the std::exception class.

For .NET Framework development, all errors are derived from the .NET Framework Exception class.

KitaroDB error codes

BADKEY Illegal key specified
ILLKYA Illegal alpha key of reference
INVNUL Invalid null value
OVLKEY Invalid overlay of numeric key
SPNEOR Key spans end of reference
One of the following has occurred:

  • The specified key name does not match a key.
  • A key specification does not match a key (wholly or partially).
  • The specified key index is not in the range defined for the KitaroDB file.
  • An explicit key of reference specified for DB.Select[Async] exceeds the number of keys in the file.
BADLCK Lock failure
An attempt to acquire a file or record lock failed due to an unexpected system error.
CREAT Cannot create file
OPNDAT Cannot open data file
OPNERR Cannot open index file
An error occurred during a DB.Open[Async] operation.
DCMPR Data Compression/uncompression error
DINCON Data incongruity, key to deleted rec
DFREE Data freelist error
IINCON Index incongruity error
QINCON Qualifier incongruity error
SEGERR Mismatched segments
An internal error occurred, and it may be due to a corrupted file. Use the kdbutl utility to check the file. See kdbutl.
ENDFIL EOF encountered
You have attempted to access information beyond the logical or physical end of a file (detected by DBCursor.MoveNext[Async], DB.Select[Async], or DBCursor.MoveFirst[Async]).
FILFUL No room to write to file
All space allocated for a file has been filled. The file cannot be extended with DB.Insert[Async].
FILOPT Bad I/O operations in I/O statement
You have attempted an operation that is not allowed for the mode in which the file was opened (for example, attempting to update a file opened in read-only mode).
FILSPC Bad file specification
The file specification contains a syntactical error or the file is empty.
FILUSE File in use by another user
One of the following has occurred:

  • Another user or thread has exclusive access to a file specified with DB.Open[Async].
  • The file specified in a call to DB.Rename[Async] or DB.Purge[Async] is currently open by another user or thread. Verify that the file is closed before attempting to rename or delete it.
FNF File not found
A file with the specified filename cannot be found (e.g., a filename specified for DB.Open[Async], DB.Purge[Async], or DB.Rename[Async]).
INSMEM Insufficient memory for attempted op
There was not enough memory for the attempted operation.
IOERR I/O error
NOFLSH Flush error
RDERR I/O error: Read failure
WTERR I/O error: Write failure
Data transfer failed during an I/O operation.
IRCSIZ Invalid record size
An invalid record size has been specified. This error generally occurs on a DB.Insert[Async] or DB.Update[Async] operation and may occur if the buffer you are passing is larger than the maximum record size.
KYNSAM Key not same
The specified key value doesn’t match an existing record in the file. This error is related to I/O operations involving ISAM files and can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • If the key field specified for DB.Select[Async] is at least as long as that defined for the ISAM file, KitaroDB assumes that DB.Select[Async] is requesting a record whose key value exactly matches the value of the designated key field.
  • During a DB.Update[Async] operation, the key value does not match the value of the stored record exactly, and the index does not allow modification.
NODUPS No duplicates allowed
A DB.Insert[Async] or DB.Update[Async] method call attempted to store a duplicate key value for a key that doesn’t accept duplicates.
NOCURR No current record established
You have not established a current record, and one is required for the operation you are attempting. This error can occur when a needed DB.Select[Async] or DBCursor.Move*[Async] operation does not precede a DB.Update[Async], DB.Delete[Async], or DB.Insert[Async] operation.
NOPRIV No privilege to this file or directory
You have attempted to access a file that is protected from update.
NOTAVL Device not available
The device you have attempted to access is not available.
RECLOC Record is locked
You have attempted to access a record or group of records that is being used by another user or thread.
RNF Record not found (no record read/found)
The specified record does not exist.
SPRFIL Existing file, cannot overwrite
You have attempted to overwrite a file (with DB.Create[Async] or DB.Rename[Async]) that is protected against deletion.
UNDKEY Undefined keys, cannot create
You have defined more keys than are defined in the key definition in the array.