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Getting key information

Getting information about keys and segments

In this section… Getting keys
Getting key information
Getting segment information

Getting keys

To retrieve all keys defined for an intrusive-keyed database, use DB.GetKeys.

Getting key information

To get information about a key, use the following DBKey properties or methods:

KeySize The key’s size in bytes.
KeyPosition The key’s position (0-based) in the record.
KeyIndex The key number.
Flags The key’s type (as enumerated by DBKeyFlags).
Name The key’s name.
AllowDups Indicates whether duplicate keys are allowed (true if they are).
AllowModify Indicates whether a key is modifiable (true if it is).
ReverseOrder The key’s order (true for reverse, false for forward).
KeySegments The key’s segments, if any are defined for the key. Returned in an array.

Getting segment information

To get information about a segment, use the following DBKeySegment properties or methods:

SegmentSize The segment’s size in bytes.
SegmentPosition The segment’s position (0-based) in the record.
Flags The segment’s type (as enumerated by DBKeyFlags).
Reverse The segment’s order (true for reverse, false for forward).