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KitaroDB 2.0 Ships; Now Supports Windows Phone 8

Developers wondering how to port their KitaroDB-enabled apps from Windows RT to Windows Phone 8 got a bit of a boost today: KitaroDB 2.0 is here, and Windows Phone 8 just got its very own SDK.

We’ve made sure that the API is standard across the two platforms, too, so it should just be a matter of copying and pasting code (at least where KitaroDB access is concerned) to enable the Windows Phone 8 version of your apps.

Of course, the “2.0” means a lot more than the launch of KitaroDB on a new platform.

For starters, we increased the maximum record size from 64K to 2GB, and KitaroDB files are now capable of storing up to 256TB of data. Of course, storing lots of huge records on a phone or a tablet could soon drain it of available space, so we also gave developers the ability to limit the total size of KitaroDB data files at the time of creation.

There are also a bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes, which are pretty well detailed in the release notes.

However, it should be noted that though we also tried to preserve backwards-compatibility with older KitaroDB files, the fundamental changes involved in allowing larger records forced us to limit KitaroDB 2.0 to only being able to open and read (but not update) files created by previous versions.

Check out the new KitaroDB 2.0 by heading over to our Downloads page, and let us know what you think!